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English Online and Maths Online Interview

All Foundation students undertake the English Online and Maths Online Interview at the start of the year.  Within the first few weeks of school, our Foundation students do not attend on Wednesdays.  Teachers use this time to conduct one-on-one English Online and Maths Online Interviews. Your child will be given an allocated time slot for you to bring them into school on one of those Wednesdays to undertake this assessment with their teacher.  The English Online Interview is a tool that assesses students reading, writing and speaking and listening skills.  The Maths Online Interview assesses students existing mathematical knowledge.

Fountas and Pinnell Benchmarking Assessment -Reading

All students undertake a formal ‘benchmarking’ assessment twice a year.  This assessment determines students’ independent and instructional reading levels and an understanding of their reading behaviours.  The data collected from the benchmarking assessment is one tool that is used by teachers to make decisions around key teaching and learning needs.


Year Three and Five students undertake NAPLAN assessment every year.  This is a national assessment for all students in Year Three, Five, Seven and Nine that gives us an understanding of literacy and numeracy skills at the time the test was taken.  The data is used to inform our school of how well our literacy and numeracy programs are supporting the learning growth of our students.  If you have any concerns about your child participating in NAPLAN, please speak with your class teacher.

Formative Assessment

Our main source of assessment across the curriculum is through the collection of data in everyday tasks.  Teachers are able to draw on their interaction with students and output of knowledge and skills through monitoring what they are able to make, say, write and do.  Teachers design rich open ended tasks and investigations that assess content knowledge and learner dispositions.  They also use these tasks to assess student achievement against the capabilities; Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Capability, Intercultural Capability and Personal and Social Capability.