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Language Program

Dohertys Creek P-9 College offers Mandarin lessons at all year levels with a strong commitment to the provision of a Chinese language program.

The program encompasses conversational language, character recognition and writing, as well as learning Chinese culture, customs and history. integrating the arts, sport and other subjects through Chinese a range of language-based activities. The school’s Chinese language program is delivered by experienced teachers in a beautiful-designed Chinese classroom.

Dohertys Creek P-9 College will a run special programme for Chinese visitors from our sister schools in China and organize a students and parents’ China trip every 2 years once international travel returns;

By studying another language we value that students will:

  • Gain access to other people’s cultures and ways of thinking
  • Develop social and cognitive skills that will help them in other areas of the curriculum
  • Become interested in and respectful of other cultures.
  • Improve future employment and economic opportunities

Our Mandarin program focuses on developing language proficiency and promotes intercultural understanding. Studying a language better equips students to engage with other nations and participate fully in an increasingly globalised world.