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Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

A part of Dohertys Creek P-9 College’s vision is building and sustaining positive relationships. Therefore, we have a strong emphasis on the different elements that help to create an environment for positive relationships. Our school has implemented a Relationships model, which provides strong student voice and agency and authentic community engagement. We have ensured small class sizes to help to create environments where students develop strong relationships with each other and the staff.

Health (Year 7-9)

“Informed citizens actively support positive health choices and outcomes”

Over time, students undertake learning that will support them to make informed decisions around their own and community health. They explore resources within their own and the wider community and develop an understanding of their part in promoting positive health outcomes. The following units centre around big health ideas and concepts that will help to develop a holistic understanding of health.

Mental Health and Me 

Investigating our own mental health, resources to access that promote emotional safety, evaluating health messages and how interactions and relationships impact on ourselves.

Relationships: You, Me, Us

Investigating transition and change and its effect on identity alongside strategies to assist in managing change. Examining how our interactions and relationships impact on others, the benefits of respectful social relationships and valuing diversity

Digital online safety 

Students define and actively promote respectful relationships in online spaces, transferring their learning from the previous units related to themselves and relationships with others.

Good Nutrition and Physical Activity  

Examining societal health messages, defining positive choices related to food and nutrition and physical activity and relating this to overall positive outcomes including mental and physical health.

Adolescence and Change 

Investigating transition and change and its effect on identity alongside strategies to assist in managing change with a focus on valuing diversity, gender equity and understanding.

Designing for Community Health – Health for all 

Students ‘go further’ with a personalised or small group community health initiative, using the knowledge and skills built from previous units of Health.