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Research states that homework, which is planned, is more beneficial than routine homework and not linked with what is being learned in class. It should never be used as a punishment or penalty for poor performance and that a variety of tasks with different levels of challenge is likely to be beneficial. The quality of homework is more important than the quantity.

At Dohertys Creek P-9 College, homework is used as a tool to practice concepts taught in class, strengthen their long-term understanding of the topic or activity and to build upon life skills that the whole family can do together and help to develop the child as a whole. Homework is also a chance for you to get involved and help your child with their learning.

Homework helps your child to develop study skills that they will use for the rest of their life. It is another avenue to maintain a visible and purposeful school – home connection.

As part of our ongoing reporting process, children are given four goals (reading, writing, mathematics and social/inquiry) to practice over three weeks. These goals are what the children are focusing on at school. When these goals are set every three weeks, there are ideas that families can use to help reinforce the learning and achievement of the goals.

These goals are also practiced through these ongoing activities:

  • Each day, children bring home a take home book to read. These books are to practice skills being taught in the classroom.
  • Each week, children are given tasks (online through different apps) that are set at the child’s individual level to practice concepts being taught. Children are also given spelling words to practice for the week.
  • Each month, children are given a matrix of tasks to complete. The Matrix is split into three sections; Academic (e.g. write a letter to a friend), Social (e.g. set the table for the family) and Physical activities (e.g. walk around your neighbourhood). This work is recorded in a book, and handed in each week to share the learning that is occurring.

All these varied homework tasks are given to children to engage, develop and challenge them on an individualised basis. They directly link to learning and the school values.