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Strong Tomorrow

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Meet the Dohertys Creek College Wellbeing Team

Emily & Thea - Speech Pathologists

Emily and Thea are our two speech pathologists at Dohertys Creek College. Emily works Monday- Friday and Thea works Monday – Thursday. Our speech pathology team have experience working with children of a range of ages to support them with their communication skills including speech, language, literacy, and social communication. Our speech pathologists collaborate with leadership, teaching, and learning support staff at school to identify students who would benefit from additional support with their communication, conduct a range of assessments, and provide targeted intervention, either directly or indirectly, to help students meet their learning and communication needs. Our speech pathologists provide regular professional learning to our school staff to equip them to support students in the classroom and provide recommendations to our families to best support their child’s communication at home.   Emily and Thea are passionate about using evidence-based approaches, connecting with students to make sessions engaging and functional, prioritising generalisation of student’s gains to their everyday learning and home environments and up-skilling our staff to ensure we are providing the most tailored approaches for students of all needs.

Renee - Occupational Therapist

Renee is a paediatric Occupational Therapist who has had experience working in community and educational settings with children aged 2-18 years. Renee’s role at Doherty’s Creek is to support students across all year levels to participate in learning, self-care and play activities in the school environment. Her role involves working with students in the classroom, small group intervention, collaboration with teachers and leadership, and capacity building for staff. Renee is passionate about students enjoying school, engaging in the classroom to the best of their ability and self-advocating for their unique learning style.

Sarah - Mental Health / Wellbeing Practitioner

Sarah is the Mental Health Practitioner at Dohertys Creek where she provides counselling support to secondary school students and connects families to appropriate external services. Sarah also works as a Wellbeing Practitioner at the College where she creates programs to support the primary school sector. Sarah has an interest in supporting young people experiencing a variety of difficulties and diagnoses, such as anxiety disorders, depression, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional defiant disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Sarah also enjoys working collaboratively with other mental health professionals, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, paediatricians, school staff and general practitioners, to meet the needs of students.

Morwenna - Community Liaison Officer

Morwenna has been helping communities grow for over 20 years in places like Australia, Hawaii, and Samoa. She’s spent more than 10 years working in schools with kids of all ages, from little ones in Playgroup to older students in Secondary school. Morwenna really cares about families and wants to help them reach their goals so they can support their children better. She’s big on talking things out, so she’s always happy to hear from parents about any worries or questions they might have. As the Community Liaison Officer, Morwenna helps families settle into their new neighbourhoods by finding them the services they need. She also organizes fun stuff like playgroups, English classes, and other activities to help everyone feel like they belong.

Resources for students and families:

Various support services also provide resources, such as factsheets, on a variety of mental health and wellbeing concerns. These include anxiety, depression, gaming, eating concerns, trauma, and grief. Please see below a selection of these with links for easy access by students and families.