"Strong Tomorrow"

Strong Tomorrow

'Balit Yirramboi'

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Womenjenka – Welcome

It with great excitement and a real privilege that I am able to introduce myself as the Principal of Dohertys Creek P-9 College. I look forward to meeting you all and getting to know every student.

‘Balit Yirramboi……..strong tomorrow.’

What an exciting time for a community to be building and establishing a new centre of learning, a place where we can come together to learn, play, have fun and reach our full potential. We are currently building the second and final stage of our school which will be finished ready to welcome Year 7 students in 2022.

Kindness is one of the values that I think is critical and will underline our approach to interactions with all in our community. Respect, Teamwork, Integrity and Learning are all values we will use to shape our school.

“It takes a village to raise a child”- old African proverb.

Together we all shape our new school to be recognised as a centre of excellence. Dohertys Creek P-9 College  is an an inclusive school where children are safe and learn in a stimulating collaborative environment.

We foster children who are able to become thinkers, compassionate citizens and global members of a larger world.

We enable students to learn in a community where we all take responsibility for their learning and wellbeing. We are a community school where families and carers are welcomed and involved. We are excited by the opportunity to work within a diverse community where that diversity is celebrated and enriches our everyday lives and learning. I am committed to Cultural safety and being able to be who we are.

I am passionate about supporting and celebrating our First Nations people which will be embedded in all our curriculum. Culture provides such a wonderful opportunity for learning and understanding.

We will be internationally minded. Second language teaching is also critical for our young people growing up in an ever changing and connected world. We need to ensure our children at Dohertys Creek College have every opportunity they can to be prepared for their future as citizens of the third millennium. After consultation. The second language we teach is Mandarin.

Dohertys Creek College is a school committed to high academic standards. Our core focus is on the teaching of Literacy and Numeracy. Students are active participants in their learning with individual goal setting as a focus. Student voice is active and listened to. We will teach each individual child at their point of need. Our school prepares students to be curious, critical and creative thinkers and problem solvers who are technologically literate and capable of bringing about positive change in the world in which we live.

Our school motto is ‘Balit Yirramboi……..strong tomorrow.’

I look forward to meeting and welcoming you to the school.

My background:
I have really enjoyed a varied and exciting career in Education. I began as an English as Second Language teacher, teaching Vietnamese refugees. I have since enjoyed teaching roles at Footscray Primary School, Yooralla, Broadmeadows Special Development School, Doncaster School Support Centre, Melton South PS, Altona and many schools in the South West Victoria Region. In 2000 I was appointed as Assistant Principal at Darley Primary school.

In 2006, I was appointed as Principal at Bacchus Marsh Primary School where together with a wonderful school community with new ideas and outstanding energy created a positive culture and helped transform Bacchus Marsh into a high performing Inclusive school.

I am passionate about child friendly and inclusive environments, and that each individual child’s needs are met and catered for.

The child must be placed firmly at the centre of every decision and action.

I was appointed as the first Australian LOOKOUT Principal and began in January 2016 in South Western Victoria Region. I am extremely proud of this role and the work we undertook to support our most vulnerable children, those in out-of-home-care.

In this role as Principal of the LOOKOUT Centre, my team and I advocated for students and their carers by challenging decisions that may have a negative impact on their progress. The LOOKOUT staff act as the parent to ensure that all students are supported with Individual Education Plans, Student Support Groups and resources to which they are entitled. The role of Public parent is to ensure we are aspirational for all children in care and that it is all our responsibility to ensure we do all that is needed to support Childrens education. Through professional development, the LOOKOUT team build the capacity of schools, carers, Child Protection and community service workers to support our students in care.

I led and supported the implementation of the four centres across the state of Victoria and there are now four LOOKOUT Centres operating successfully. In July 2018 I was asked to represent the Victorian Education Department in presenting about the LOOKOUT model in the United Kingdom. I presented at the London City Hall, Oxford University, Marlborough House and various other parts of England.

Making the decision to leave LOOKOUT was very difficult and a little sad but the opportunity to work back in a school again with children, community and staff was very exciting especially in being able to again shape an inclusive child centred learning centre of excellence.

I can’t wait to be able to meet families and all the children who will be making history and memories as the first students of our wonderful new school.

Ian Wren