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Student Voice and Agency

At Dohertys Creek P-9 College an integral part of our philosophy is that students are at the centre of everything that we do. Students are empowered to take ownership of their learning, to make purposeful contributions to their learning environments, and to tackle issues arising in the world around them.

Decision Making

A Student Representative Council has been created as a forum for students to raise their thoughts and feelings about the school and actions they would like to take.

This council has students from every grade in years 2 – 6 who have been chosen by their peers through a voting process. These students canvas the thought and opinions of students to ensure that all students have voice and agency. The Council meets every two weeks.

Our school captains meet with the Principal every week to discuss the actions that are taking place and to convey the feelings of the students.

Every student meets with the Principal once a term through a morning tea. A discussion around their learning and their thoughts and opinions about the school is facilitated so as the students build a strong positive relationship with the Principal and they have a direct time to share.

Students are asked to review the school policies that have been created to ensure that their voice is part of the policies that are created.

All students throughout the school undergo a survey annually. This survey asks for feedback about their learning, their peers and their teachers. The outcomes of this survey is then shared with the students and a discussion about the results occurs. An action plan is co-created about how to move forward with the areas of growth and the areas of success.


Students are given the opportunity to give their ideas about preferred play equipment and vote on the different designs that have been created. They are also part of raising the funds for the equipment and donating different items to play.

The student drawings are made into artwork that is showcased on or in our buildings and grounds. They are part of creating the gardens and sculptures that are features of the school. This reinforces the value of their work and creates agency around what their school looks like.

Through the Student Representative Council students are active contributors about what facilities they would like to see and use in the school. Students are asked for their opinions and are given guidance about how to make these initiatives a reality.

Staff Recruitment

Our students are part of our staff recruitment process.

The students meet with applicants and ask the questions that they developed. The students give their feedback to the recruitment panel about suitable candidates and this feedback contributes to the panel’s decision.


Students co-create their learning goals with their teacher every three weeks. These goals are then shared with parents in an ongoing reporting system.

During their learning students are tracking how they are achieving these goals and celebrating them when they are achieved.

Students give regular feedback to the teachers about how they learn best and what they would like to learn. This feedback is used to guide teachers when planning for different learning experiences.

The school values were created by the community by canvassing their ideals. The Student Representative Council then surveyed the students and families about the behaviours that should be explicitly taught and practiced to ensure that these values are upheld.

These behaviours are now part of our curriculum and reward system within the school.

A part of the school’s philosophy is to ensure that students are empowered to create change. Therefore our curriculum is created to ensure there are opportunities for students to take action about what they are learning and create change.

Extra-curricular activities

Students have the opportunity to undertake extra-curricular activities. Students are asked about what they would like to do and the school creates the opportunities for them to do this.

Students are given a choice about the camps/excursions/incursions they participate in. These activities are for the students and it is important to have their feedback about what they would like to participate in to help them develop their knowledge, different skills and strengths.